Oil cleansing

What is Oil Cleansing?

First people's reaction in the idea of oil cleansing is controversial. However, it is not as illogical as it sounds. The basic idea is that the "oil replaces oil". Our skin is protected by oil, so by using natural oils we leave our skin moisturized, balanced and healthy.

Using natural oils in a specific combination we can cleanse our pores and bacteria naturally, while leaving our skin oil balanced. This results in a much more nourished and moisturized skin than traditional soaps and  facial cleaners.

Oil cleansing benefits

By using the right oils and massage our skin gently:
  • we can cleanse our skin pores naturally
  • we eliminate the oiliness
  • we replace the dirty oil with beneficial ones extracted form natural ingredients
  • we protect skin from environment
  • we have a much more nourished skin
Clear skin problems using oil cleansing
  • oily skin
  • dry skin
  • sensitive skin
  • black eye circles
  • blackheads, whiteheads
  • acne
Apeiranthos natural skincare Facial oil cleanser

Apeiranthos skin care's Facial oil cleanser based on jojoba oil that is similar to human sebum as it allows to absorb easily and into the skin, making it a gentle moisturizer. Coconut oil is a moisturizer with antifungal and antioxidant properties. It is rich in fatty acids and full of vitamins and nutrients. It is a great skin softening and removes dirt and makeup in a move! Lavender essential oil has strong antiseptic, anti-infectious and calming properties. Tea Tree essential oil improves skin by treating acne with its antiseptic properties.

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