Lavender and its therapeutic properties is widely known! It has been used for centuries and is probably the most famous beauty herb.
Lavender has a beautiful scent and is thought to be soothing to the nerves. A common technique is to put a few drops of lavender essential oil in our pillow or a handful of dried lavender under our pillow to help us relax and sleep more easily.

• antiaging
• anti-inflammatory
• antiseptic
• antibacterial
• balancing
• soothing
• therapeutic
• tonic
• suitable for all skin types

• nerves
• headache
• small burns and sores
• treatment of oily skin
• acne
• dermatitis
• eczema

Lavender in Apeiranthos natural skincare

Apeiranthos natural skincare uses lavender in several of its products, such as Lavender Cream and Deodorant Stick. Give them a try!

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