Simple ways to transition your skin to spring


As we transition into spring, our bodies mirror the changes happening around us. It's of high importance to focus on ourselves and reconnect with the outside world!
Here are a few steps to help you balance this transition.  

As with all our skin treatments, exfoliation should be gentle. Harsh products could make matters worse. Don't forget the body too!Exfoliation removes the dead, dry outer layer of skin and makes it easier for your moisturizers to penetrate.

It's high time we gave the suitable attention to our body, too. Apply a rich moisturizing oil so as to minimize the shock of the weather change.

Leave your hair au naturel without using styling products or heat! Just a moisturizing oil at the ends and you are ready.

Spring is ideal to detox your mind from thoughts and habits that put you down. Breathe deeply and meditate.

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