Dry Brushing

Why do you need to add something more to your already busy morning routine?
Well, it's worth the time and costs nothing. Skin is the largest organ of our body. Dry brushing has many benefits. It helps unclog pores and eliminate toxins, improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, rubs away dead skin cells resulting in a brighter and smoother skin. Last but not least it makes you feel beautiful inside.

To get started follow the steps:

1.     Purchase a natural brush with a long handle so can reach all areas of your body.
2.     Get naked.
3.     Begin brushing by starting at your feet and moving  towards your heart.
4.     Brush several times in each area, taking care of more sensitive areas such as breast.
5.     Once you' re done with the entire body, have a shower alternating the temperature between hot and cold, to stimulate blood circulation and your senses, as well.
6.     After getting out of the shower, apply a Body oil while your skin is still wet and enjoy the smoothest and brightest of you!

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